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History about Windows XP

Oct 3, 2011/ Posted by Todd Clark
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Windows XP is 10 years old now. Since it has launched in 2001, it has help computer users do a lot of work. We can say it has made great contributions to society and people. And its GUI called Luna impresses us forever. The letter "XP" means "experience" and shows that it is an experience edition for computer users. Actually, its original name when it was still developed is Whistler.

Windows XPWindows XP only released two editions at the beginning: Windows XP home edition and Windows XP professional edition. Later in 2003, other editions came out, such as Windows XP Media Center edition, Windows XP tablet PC edition, Windows XP starter edition, Windows XP embedded, Windows XP professional N, Windows XP home edition N, Windows fundamentals for legacy PCs and Windows XP mode. All Windows editions are here now. Since Windows XP is a somehow old Windows operating system now, Microsoft declared in 2011 that they will completely abolish technical support to Windows XP in spring of 2014. It means that our old friend is stepping down from the stage gradually.

Although Windows XP is old, there are some advantages of it . One, it is stable. The system has been used for 10 years. And some problems met during using it has been renovated again and again. It is no more a sensitive system. Two, it is low-priced. If you want to use Windows 7 system right now, maybe you should buy a new computer with high configurations. But Windows XP still can do a lot of things for you, why should you waste money to buy a new one? And even you use Windows XP you can still use new technology and service, like Firefox 7, Chrome 15, Office 2010, Adobe Photoshop CS5, iTunes, Adobe Flash Player 11 etc. Three, some old programs are only can be used by Windows XP but cannot by the new operating system. Once it is updated to a new system, the programs that users are familiar with won't be used again. Meanwhile, buying new programs cost a lot of money.

There is no problem to use Windows XP when new operating systems are gradually published. For computer's security, you can strengthen system security by using password with high coefficient in security. It is better to use a 16 characters password that combine with special characters, blank space and using upper and lower case letters at the same time and remember that don't use passwords that only combine with numbers. Don't worry about forgetting passwords, it will be OK if you learn some knowledge about how to reset Windows password.

Or you can keep updating software the computer use and doing patch test on Windows at regular time. Then you can safely use Windows XP to do what you want to do.

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