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Free XP password reset tool to reset Windows XP password

Sep 22, 2008/ Posted by Todd Clark
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After a lot of trial and you still can’t get your forgotten Windows XP password recovery for free, you may rush to bring your computer to so-called “computer experts” for help. Actually, you also can be the "computer expert" to reset Windows password. Here below I’ll share you my way with third-party Windows password reset tools.

free windows XP password

Cain & Abel: if you want to reset Windows XP password for free, Cain & Abel is a fast and effective tool to help you. However, it requires access to Windows in an admin account if you want to reset your forgotten Windows password. When the Windows XP password you forgot happens to be the admin password, you cannot use this tool to help you reset password. Besides, only the password that is less than 10 characters can be reset. And it is a bit more complicated to use than other password recovery apps.

Anmosoft Windows Password Reset Professional: firstly, it is not a free Windows XP password reset tool. But there is a trial version for you to experience how powerful and easy-to-use it is and then you can choose whether it is worth to buy. It is the most powerful Windows password recovery software I have ever used. You can use this software to reset or your forgotten password with high efficiency. And professional version is only one of the four editions. The other three are standard version, enterprise version and ultimate version. If you are used by yourself to reset your personal computer, professional version is the most economic choice. If you want a more powerful one, you can choose ultimate version. You can remove the forgotten password by creating a password reset disk. A few minutes and three steps can completely help you reset your forgotten Windows password.

1. Find an accessible computer and download the software, and then install it.

2. Run the software and put a blank CD/DVD or USB drive (prepared in advance) into the computer driver to burn a Windows password reset disk.

3. Insert the disk into the locked computer. That brings up a password reset Windows, then you can follow the guiding for Windows password reset.

Sometimes free recover Windows XP password not only means that you can reset password without money, but also means that you can reset password whenever and wherever it happens.

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