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Top 3 Methods to Recover or Reset Windows XP Password

May 23, 2009/ Posted by Todd Clark
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Forgot Windows XP PasswordThere are many people still prefer Windows XP system in spite of the newly released Windows 8 with distinguished features. How to get Windows XP password recovery efficiently while forgot Windows XP password is a problem still troubles many PC users. This passage is to deal with this problem.

Above all, in order to recover Windows XP password powerfully without any data lose or file damage, you need to calm down yourself firstly, and then by making use of the professional Windows XP password cracker we mentioned below, you can reset Windows XP password in minutes by creating Windows XP password reset disk. In short, there's always an appropriate methods for you to get Windows XP password recovery swiftly as long as you take minutes to read through the below 3 solution.

Solution 1. Try Reliable Windows XP Password Recovery Software

Anmosoft Windows Password Reset is designed to reset Windows XP password with a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive when your Windows password is lost or forgotten. You could find all kinds of Windows password reset software on market, including free Windows password recovery tools and commercial ones.

For the free one, I recommend you to try Ophcrack though it will cost you much time to do Windows XP password recovery. For a commercial one, I suggest you to try Windows Password Reset as it has ever helped me reset Windows XP password successfully. It is very easy to use and you can finish Windows XP password reset with ease following the below steps:

Step 1. Create a CD/DVD or USB password reset disk.

1. Download and install Windows Password Reset.

2. Create a CD/DVD or USB password reset disk according to the guide step by step. Then insert the created CD/DVD or USB drive in the locked computer.

create Windows XP password reset disk

burn Windows XP password reset disk

Step 2. Reset the Windows XP password on your locked computer

1. Select the Windows system, and click Next.

Windows XP password recovery

2. Select your target user account, then click Next.

bypass Windows XP password

3. The password is reset successfully now. Please take out the CD/DVD or USB drive, and click Reboot.

remove Windows XP password

Note: You can not only use this software to reset forgotten Windows XP password, but but also to crack any unknown Windows XP password in seconds. This is very useful especially when you use a second hand computer but are locked out by the unknown Windows password.

Solution 2. Use Windows XP Password Reset Disk

Users can create a password reset disk in Windows XP, which helps users regain access to computer. If you forget your computer password, make use of password reset disk as follows:

Step 1. Click your user name and then the password box will appear.

Step 2. Press "Enter", and you will receive the following error message:

Did you forget your password?
You can click the "?" button to see your password hint.
Or you can use your password reset disk.
Please type your password again.

Step 3. Click your password reset disk. The "Password Reset Wizard" starts.

Step 4. Follow the wizard's instructions and set a new password.

This method is considered to be the easiest way to reset Windows XP password, but the presupposition is that you've created a password reset disk following the below steps:

1. Click 'Start' > 'Control Panel' > 'User Accounts', and then select your account name.

2. Under Related Tasks, click Prevent a forgotten password.

3. Follow the directions in the Forgotten Password Wizard to create a password reset disk.

Solution 3. Reset Windows XP password with a Windows XP Setup Disk

If you don't have a password reset disk in advance, you can still reset your Windows XP password with a Windows XP setup disk.

Step 1. Boot up your computer with a Windows XP Setup CD.

Step 2. Press "R" to repair your existing Windows installation.

Step 3. Wait for the computer to reboot, and a screen reads "Press any key to continue". Do not press any key.

Step 4. Allow the computer to restart the installation process and then press "Shift +F10" when you see "Installing Devices" at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5. Input "nusrmgr.cpl" and press "Enter".

Step6. Click "Administrator" in "User Accounts" window and change the password.

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