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How to crack Windows XP password for free

Jan 5, 2010/ Posted by Todd Clark
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If you want to free bypass the lost Windows XP password, you can use Windows password reset disk that was created from Control Panel when the computer is still accessible. It is the fastest way to help you reset Windows password, the most important, it is free. It is a pity that not all people are so proactive to make one that they can enjoy this perfect way. Are there any other free methods available? Yes, there are.

free windows XP password cracker

LCP: it is a free Windows XP password cracker. It is fast and easy enough to get forgotten password reset, especially for Windows XP. Unlike Windows password reset disk, you have no need to make a disk before computer is locked. But users need an accessible user account to log in Windows to download and install the program on the locked computer, then they can reset forgotten password.

Kon-Boot: as for well getting free Windows XP password removal, this program is better than the one that introduced above. It is said that Kon-Boot is very easy to use and probably the fastest password reset tool. It is similar with the professional Windows password reset software, and users need to burn a disk by the program first, and then make the locked computer boot from the disk then make the forgotten Windows password reset.

Anmosoft Windows Password Reset Professional: if you want to get the most powerful one, it should be Anmosoft Windows Password Reset. You should note that this software cannot crack Windows XP password for free. As you fail to use the above two programs to reset forgotten password, maybe you can give it a try. It definitely a reliable tool that can 100% help you solve the password problem. It will remove your forgotten password and at the same time, other settings will be kept as it is before.I'd like to mention that it is easy-to-use and time-saving. Here below are steps:

1. Make sure you can find another accessible computer, and then download and install the software into the computer.

2. Run it and put a blank CD/DVD or USB drive into the computer to make a password reset disk by some mouse-clicking.

3. Insert the disk into the locked computer. When the password reset Windows pops up, do a few mouse-clicking again then you can reset Windows password.

Most people finally get their Windows password reset by the third method, although it cannot free crack Windows XP password.

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