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How to change Windows password when you lost it?

Sometimes, we need to change Windows password regularly for the sake of system security. It is useful to protect our system from others.

forgot windows password

Follow me step by step about how to change Windows password.

1. Start-> Control Panel-> User Accounts and Family Safety-> User Account.

2. Choose the account that you want to change password for.

3. Click the option Change your Password and then type a new one in the box then click Change Password.

But if you are changing password for a user account, you should achieve by admin account. It is based on the presupposition that you can log in Windows with the admin account.

Timely changes of Windows password can easily lead to forgetting password. However, as a result, people may mix all the passwords up and cannot tell which one is the correct one. And for Windows password reset, the best method is to take advantage of professional Windows password recovery software, like Anmosoft Windows Password Reset.

Among the four editions of Anmosoft Windows Password Reset, I'd like to introduce the Ultimate edition here. It is the most powerful of all. With Anmosoft Windows Password Reset Ultimate, you can change the forgotten password to a new one directly without knowing the old one and you can make a new admin account straightway if you don't want the old one anymore. Anmosoft Windows Password Reset Ultimate can directly change password without logging into Windows and it cause no damage to your system.

No matter you want to reset or change Windows password, Anmosoft Windows Password Reset Ultimate can surely help you get that. As Windows 7 are widely used right now, more and more people will use this software to change Windows 7 password.

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