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Recover Windows login password with freeware, free password recovery software

Today more and more PC users wondering how to recover Windows login password, for the Windows password can be easily lost or forgotten. And if you are one of the persons who easily forget Windows password, you'd better create a password reset disk in advance, in this case, you can recover your Windows login password easily and quickly once you find your Windows password been lost. Here I will introduce 3 free Windows login password recovery software to you and all of them can help you restore lost Windows password effectively.


OphcrackOphcrack is an open source Windows login password recovery tool based on rainbow tables. It provides an easy and safe way to help you recover lost Windows password. The program contains the ability to import the hashes from a variety of formats, including dumping directly from the SAM files of Windows. It is claimed that these tables can crack 99.9% of alphanumeric passwords of up to 14 characters in usually a few minutes.

Although it is identified as a Trojan or virus by some antivirus programs, Ophcrack is regarded as the best free Windows password recovery software. Its biggest disadvantage is that the size of its Live CD ISO image is 496MB. It will cost you much time to download it to recover Windows login password though.

Download Windows password recovery freeware from the official website: http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net/

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Offline NT Password

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is another amazing free Windows password recovery tool to recover Windows login password. It allows set or reset the password of any user that has a valid (local) account on your NT systems. This tool works offline and will detect and offer to unlocked /locked or disabled user accounts. It is also an almost fully functional registry editor.

The password recovery speed of Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is said to be fast. It is a good option for you to recover lost Windows password. But before trying it, you should learn the Offline NT Password tool is completely text based, so it is a little inconvenient. And you should prepare a CD in advance to burn the downloaded ISO fie to recover Windows login password.

Download Offline NT Password & Registry Editor from the official website: http://www.pogostick.net/~pnh/ntpasswd/

John the Ripper

John the RipperJohn the Ripper is a free password cracking tool which allows you to recover lost Windows password. It is currently available for many flavors of UNIX (11 are officially supported, not counting different architectures), DOS, Win32, BeOS, and OpenVMS (the latter requires a contributed patch). Its primary purpose is to detect weak UNIX passwords. Besides several crypt (3) password hash types most commonly found on various UNIX flavors, supported out of the box are Kerberos/AFS and Windows LM hashes, plus many more with contributed patches.

As one of the popular free password testing/breaking programs, John the Ripper is a little complicated for normal PC users without rick computer knowledge. Another disadvantage of the password recovery tool is that it will be necessity to log into an administrator account to install and use it and perform the recovery.

I believe that all these free Windows login password recovery software can be helpful. But I would like to recommend Windows Password Reset to you, which is another Windows password recovery tool, only it is a commercial one.

Download John the Ripper from the official website: http://www.openwall.com/john/

Anmosoft Windows Password Reset

Windows Password ResetAnmosoft Windows Password Reset is professional Windows password recovery software which can help you recover Windows login password on all popular Windows versions like Windows 7/Vista/XP/Server 2008/2003. Instead of recovering your original Windows password, it enables you to remove the lost Windows password and reset a new one. It has 3 editions to meet your different needs.

Windows Password Reset Standard can help you reset lost Windows admin or user passwords of Windows by burning a bootable CD/DVD.

Windows Password Reset Professional allows you to burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive to reset lost Windows password.

Windows Password Reset Enterprise provides an easy and safe way to reset lost Windows Domain and local password with a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive. The only cons of Windows Password Reset lies in that burning a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive to recover Windows login password is required.

Windows Password Reset Ultimate enables efficiently reset any Windows password includes Domain Administrator or other user passwords via CD/DVD or USB drive, besides, it also supports change password and create a new Administrator account as well.

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