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How to Reset or recover forgotten Windows administrator password for free

For the people who want to reset password for Windows, there are many ways for them to choose. If they want to free reset forgotten Windows admin password, there are two software which they should learn to use. See the details below.

Free crack Windows  Password

The following tools not only can reset common user accounts, but also admin account password. Since admin account manages other common user accounts, once admin account is not locked, other user accounts can be unlocked by it. So let's take admin account as an example here to show how to reset Windows administrator password for free.

LCP: it is a free Windows admin password reset tool that you can download from LCPsoft's website. When using it to reset Windows password, you should install it in your Windows system. In other words, you'll need access to a user account on the locked computer. If there is none accessible user account, this free Windows password reset tool cannot be used to recover Windows admin password. Meanwhile, LCP can only be used to certain Windows versions.

Anmosoft Windows Password Reset: firstly, I want to say, it has four different versions, that is, Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. There are some different features among different versions. Although users cannot get Windows administrator password recovery for free, the software are more powerful than using LCP – the free Windows password reset tool. Like standard version and professional version, the former one only can use a CD/DVD as a device to make a bootable disk and the later one can use USB drive as well. After the bootable CD/DVD is made by using standard version, users cannot reset administrator password with CD/DVD for free, but can reset Windows admin password without access to a user account. For the people use professional version, they cannot reset administrator password with bootable USB for free, but can reset password for all Windows versions.

As for USB drive, it is more convenient for users to get, I'd like to use Professional version instead. Please refer to the following tips on how to reset forgotten admin password by Anmosoft Windows Password Reset professional :

windows password reset ultimate.

1. Download, install and run the software on an accessible computer and insert a CD/DVD or USB drive (better to be blank) into the computer to burn a bootable disk.

2. Put the disk into the locked computer to reset forgotten admin password.

Once the user account is unlocked, you can create Windows admin password reset disk for free from Control Panel in case that you forget password again. Never mind if you don't want to, because Anmosoft Windows Password Reset always can make a disk for you to help you reset Windows password.

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