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Windows Administrator

What is admin? Its full name is "administrator". Some people call it "admin" for short. There is another name for administrator: superuser.

Windows AdminAdministrator is default administrator in Windows series operating system. It owns the highest authority and won't be limited on computer. Any other users we set are under control of it. Generally, it is hidden. Once Windows OS is install, system will automatically make an administrator. Admin is used to solve some problems that common account cannot do. With admin, any operation is permitted. For common user account, it cannot install anything or change settings on the computer unless admin authorize it the rights.

Hackers can easily hack into your computer through admin account if your computer hasn't installed firewall, because the initial password of administrator is blank. For computer's security, something must be done.

First, we'd better create another account that own the whole admin privileges and then block up the default admin. Every computer should have an admin but not have to use the name "administrator". Make another one in order to make hackers misunderstood.

Second, we should drop the right of admin. Actually, I mean that we make a fake admin account. In Windows OS, admin is the user with the highest right. Just like I said above, it is hidden and cannot be seen by formal login mode. Users easily ignore the risk that bring by admin. We can make the default admin have no right to change anything on the computer. That is how to do:

1. Log on Windows with other accounts but not admin.

2. Control Panel-> management tool-> computer-management-> Local Users and Group-> Users.

3. Delete admin account and make a new admin.

4. Right-click and set a password for the new admin account.

Attention, the password for the new admin account should be set as complicated as you can. So nobody can easily hack into your computer. You even have no need to worry about forgetting it. If you do, you can use password reset software for Windows to reset Windows admin password easily and quickly.

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