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How to bypass or unlock Windows Server 2000 password for free

May 13, 2007/ Posted by Justin Garcia
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Keep your eyes sharp when choose software to reset forgotten Windows Server 2000 password among multiple programs on the market and the Internet. Follow my introduction below about three free Windows Server 2000 password cracker then you can easily reset forgotten Windows password without any damage to your computer.

Free bypass Windows server 2000 password

Solution One. Ophcrack

By burning the free ISO image to a CD on its site, it can fast, easily and free remove Windows Server 2000 password by putting the CD into the locked computer. Also, it is regarded as the best free Windows password program online, but only passwords that less than 14 characters can be reset.

Solution Two. LCP

It is a free Windows Server 2000 password unlocker for Windows. When using it to reset password, users need to install LCP on the locked computer first by an accessible user account. If you don't have an accessible account on the locked computer, you will fail to use LCP to free unlock Windows Server 2000 password.

Solution Three. John The Ripper

Actually, it is a free password recovery tool to find Windows account password but not reset or remove. That is to say, the forgotten original password user set can be found by it. And it is not exactly free bypass Windows Server 2000 password, because the wordlists used by it to discover Windows password do cost.

Anmosoft Windows Password Reset Ultimate

Well, it is not free software, it charges. It can't remove Windows Server 2000 password free. But many people still prefer to choose it because it is powerful and professional and definitely make you feel that the money is worth to pay. No need to access to any user account; no need to take long time to find any wordlists; no need to worry about password length. All these features already make users feel convenient. As the most powerful one among the four editions (standard, professional, enterprise and ultimate), although it cannot bypass Windows Server 2000 password for free, it can change the password to what the user want. Only find an accessible computer and a CD/DVD or USB drive, and then you can remove the forgotten password directly, or free change Windows Server 2000 password to a new one, or even create a new admin account.

windows password reset ultimate.

1. Download and install the software on the accessible computer and run it.

2. Put a blank CD/DVD or USB drive into it and make a Windows password reset disk.

3. Insert the disk into the locked computer. From this step on, you can get free Windows Server 2000 password removal to reset Windows password or change it into a new one or create a new admin account.

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