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How to reset or recover the forgotten Windows Server 2000 password for free

Jun 11, 2008/ Posted by Justin Garcia
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Good news for forgetful Windows Server 2000 users! If you are the one who always forget your Windows password, below I'd like to introduce you two tools. One of them is a free Windows Server 2000 password reset tool; the other one is not free, but some reasons would make you choose it instead. See what the differences between the two tools.

Free Windows server 2000 password reset tool

Kon-Boot: it is very, very easy-to-use and probably the fastest password reset program. That is how the net citizens describe it. But sometimes it fails to reset password because of the Windows version. When using it to free reset Windows Server 2000 password, visit the site of Kon-Boot, download the free ISO image, and then burn it to a CD. The next step is reboot the locked computer from the CD, then the program will start to located the Windows user account and get the lost password recovery.

Anmosoft Windows Password Reset Ultimate: it is a powerful tool and never fails to reset any Windows password, no matter what Windows version the locked computer uses. As I have mentioned above, it does cost but not recover Windows Server 2000 password for free. The steps of this program using to reset password are similar with the way above, but simpler and less time cost. Besides, Anmosoft Windows Password Reset Ultimate not only can remove the forgotten password directly, but also can create a new password for the locked user account without knowing the original password and even can directly create an admin account for the locked computer without logging into Windows. Owning it, resetting Windows password is a piece of cake. Users choose it not for Windows Server 2000 password recovery free, but for its powerful features. The resetting steps are:

windows password reset ultimate.

1. Download and install the software in another accessible computer.

2. Insert a CD/DVD or a USB drive in computer, and then you can burn a bootable Windows password reset disk in seconds.

3. Insert the disk into the locked computer. When the password reset Windows pops up, you can reset Windows password or change it into a new one or create a new admin account.

Such a powerful Windows password recovery tool, although it cannot free reset the forgotten Windows Server 2000 password for you, it can make you relieve from Windows password forgotten mess forever.

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