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Windows Vista - an edition among Microsoft Windows operating systems

Apr 20, 2008/ Posted by Todd Clark
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Windows Vista is one of the editions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. Its version number of Kernel is Windows NT 6.0. The previous edition of Windows Vista is Windows XP and the next edition is Windows 7. When Windows Vista was firstly launched in 2005, people were curious about what new functions the new operating system has. The Kernel of Windows Vista is almost rewritten and actually makes it brings lots of new functions to users.

Windows VistaCompared to the last Windows operating system -- Windows XP, Windows Vista has been added almost one hundred new functions. One, a brand new graphical user interface named Aero. Two, an improved Windows indexing service. Three, an new authoring tool for multi-media, like Windows DVD maker. Four, network, audio, output and display have been redesigned. Five, Vista has improved display communication ability of computer system in home network and make it easier to share files and media between different computers and equipments. Six, for developers, Vista use .NET Framework 3.0 to make them easily write out high-quality program. Seven, Vista has added UAC and built-in Windows defender that Windows XP don't have and then improve the security of computer. Of course, there are some other new features that I won't list one by one here.

About the requirements of configurations of the computer to use Vista as operating system, the official low end system is: 800MHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, 15 GB spare apace of hard disk, support SuperVGA video card and CD driver. And the recommended configurations are: 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, 15 GB spare apace of hard disk, support 128 MB DirectX9 and Pixel shader 2.0 side port and WDDM video card and DVD driver, audio output and internet connection.

It seems that Windows Vista make our computer work easier by its powerful new functions. But nothing can change the fact that Windows password is needed to avoid other people logging on our computer. If you forget Windows password, some professional Windows password reset software is needed to help you figure out the problem.

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