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Resetwindowspassword.com is updated with a brand-new interface for a better user experience

--- www.resetwindowspassword.com is updated in a full scale with not only brand-new outlook but enhanced Windows password reset software!

May 11, 2012 - Anmosoft Studio (http://www.resetwindowspassword.com ) finally released its well-designed website, which offers efficient and competitive solutions to reset Windows password. The website update is undergone in a full scale from the structure, the presentation to the software function enhancement, etc. which is aimed to offer you a better experience and more accurate information.

The overall improvements of the website style:

We optimized the website with an idea in mind that no abusing technology but choosing technology according to the experience of our users. .

  • 1. The website style is much easier, closer, and friendlier to users to view, for it has discarded the previous dull and serious style. This makes it much easier and more enjoyable for you to view the web pages.
  • 2. Much quicker for users to look for the target information, for the website has re-arranged its web pages for presenting the information.
  • 3. Easier for users to extract information from the website, for the language expression are small words instead of big words filled with terms.
  • 4. Information has enriched, such as the Article section, the detailed how-to-use information, and the frequently asked questions, which makes the information more effective, accurate and helpful.

New features and improvements the Windows Password Reset software includes:

Windows Password Reset, as popular Windows password recovery software, has been used by users worldwide. In order to let it better serve our users, we have provided two editions: Windows Password Reset Standard and Windows Password Reset Professional, to meet difference user needs.

  • 1. Both versions are optimized in the user interfaces, which will make it easier for you when using the programs.
  • 2. Windows Password Reset Professional supports burning a USB Flash Drive, which is rarely available of its competitors.
  • 3. Both editions can easily reset the administrator and user passwords.
  • 4. Both editions can reset passwords of Windows 7.
  • 5. The CD burning is faster, and the password reset is quicker.

The benefits that you can get from Windows Password Reset software:

  • 1. Instantly reset Windows passwords without the need to reinstall the system.
  • 2. Reset admin or other local user passwords for Windows no matter how long and complicated your lost password was.
  • 3. The burned bootable CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive is portable and easy to store, you can use it to reset your Windows password directly without burning a new one when you lose your Windows admin password on the same computer.
  • 4. Recover forgotten Windows passwords at high speed and secure operation ensuring all the data will not be lost.

To sum up, the website update will let you benefit and save time with easier viewing and quicker information finding. And, the program optimization will let you feel it much more powerful and user-friendlier when using them.

Prices and Availability

Windows Password Reset programs are fast and safe to reset Windows admin and user passwords, which will help you to avoid reinstalling the system!

The unit price of Windows Password Reset Standard is $19.95 on a per-computer license.

The unit price of Windows Password Reset Professional is $29.95 on a per-computer license.

For more information on Windows Password Reset Standard and Windows Password Reset Professional, please refer to the product page http://www.resetwindowspasword.com

About Anmosoft Studio

Anmosoft Studio, as a professional software provider, offering customers authoritative software with high quality and friendly user interface. The approval of customers is our best impetus. We will continue to research and develop more and more excellent and reliable software to help you resolve common problems about passwords.

For more information, please contact: Demi.moore

Email: [email protected]

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