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Lost Your Windows Server 2012 Password?

Feb 10, 2013/ Posted by Justin Garcia
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Forgot Windows Server 2012 password

Lost your Windows Server 2012 password? You are in a hurry to log into your Windows Server 2012 for some important files? Indeed, there's nothing worse than sitting on your seat and staring at the screen. Sometimes, your whole day or your good mood will be completely destroyed. So is there any solution to deal with Windows Server 2012 recovery?

As a matter of fact, to make use of a Windows Server 2012 password reset disk is regarded as the easiest and fastest way. Therefore, when your Windows Server 2012 is workable, remember to create a Windows Server 2012 password in case that you lost your password one day. We should know that it's a pretty common thing happening around every day. We need to pay much attention on it.

Besides, I'd like to recommend you Anmosoft Windows Password Reset Ultimate, a password reset tool I've used for a long time. The reason why I choose this software lies in three aspects. Firstly, it is time-consuming. The whole process only takes five minutes. Secondly, it is widely used for all platforms and brands of laptops, desktops as well as tablets. I bought it for Windows Server 2008, and now I can also use it for Windows Server 2012 password recovery. Thirdly, the friendly and timely after-sale service is reliable. Anmosoft Windows Password Reset Ultimate can reset Windows Server 2012 Domain Administrator password as well as other user passwords, and it can be used to change passwords or create a new Administrator user account. Anmosoft Windows Password Reset Ultimate works in the way to create a Windows Server 2012 password reset disk firstly. What you should do is prepare a blank CD/DVD or USB flash driver. You can refer to the steps below.

1: Download and run the software on an accessible computer.

2: Insert a blank CD/DVD or a USB drive into the computer to make a password reset disk.

3: Place the disk into your locked computer and make a few mouse-clicking on the pop-up interfaces according to the step-by-step guide.

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Users Review

Your Windows Password Reset software works really well for my Windows Server 2003 admin password recovery. What's more, it's a good price indeed! Thank you so much!

- Steve Smith

I'm always busy and your Windows Password Reset software did save me much time. I like its compatibility to all operating systems, you know, my computer is in dual system. Anyway, thank you very much!

- Jim Green