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Windows 8 - The Future Windows Master

If you want to experience the newest operating system Windows 8 before it is officially released, I'd like to tell you "Windows 8 Consumer Preview" has been launched on Feb 29th, 2012. You can get the download address in Microsoft official website. Actually, an earlier edition named "Windows 8 Developer Preview" has been launched in the middle of 2011.

Windows VistaAccording to latest news from Microsoft Official Blog, there will be four editions after Windows 8 official published that including Windows 8 Standard edition, Windows 8 Professional edition, Windows 8 Enterprise edition and Windows 8 RT. Attention, it is said that Microsoft is likely to launched Windows 8 China edition with lower price aims to decrease Windows pirate. Besides, the China edition will have some local functions.

One of the highlights of Windows 8 is UI. There are two kinds of UI in Windows 8: Windows traditional interface and Metro interface. Users can casually switch as they like. Metro interface is the new style operating-interface and called "StartScreen". The fastest method to switch interface between traditional and Metro is pressing "Win" button or you can switch the traditional interface to Metro by moving the cursor to the "Start" button and click "StartScreen".

Metro is a rectangle-shape option interface that makes up by magnetic squandas. It is sign design of Zune. This interface is firstly applied to Windows Phone which is a smartphone system of Microsoft. Different from Apple IOS and Google Android, Metro UI is focus on information not the superfluous interface element. It makes people realize that there is more information by a glance on it. What Metro UI brings to users is experience of glance and go. And this kind of interface is also applied to Windows 8.

It makes people so excited to experience such fantastic features of Windows 8. Users can't wait to use it. What a pity that the final official release of Windows 8 is still unknown. And there still have many Windows 7 users. Now, the common problem they meet is forgetting Windows password. For Windows 7 users, how to recover Windows 7 password is not a big deal if they have powerful password reset for Windows software. Of course, with more and more people using Windows 8, there are ways for Windows 8 password reset, too. And I do believe the ways are largely identical but with minor differences.

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