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How to reset your lost Windows 7 password?

Regardless of the reasons why you lost your Windows password, we should find a way to solve the mess as soon as possible. About how to reset Windows 7 password, there are actually some ways. I will pick two of them to show you here. If you really in emergency, you can skip to the method two, it surely can help you successfully reset password. Trust me!

Windows 7

Method 1. Using default administrator

How could we get Windows 7 password reset? Well, there is a default admin account existing on Windows since users install the system. It is always hidden and own full authority to control other user accounts, including changing login password for them. If you have never make any settings for the default admin, its initial password is blank. You can log in Windows with admin and remove password for the locked account.

Method 2. Using Anmosoft Windows Password Reset

The reason why I'm sure enough that this way can help users resetting Windows 7 password successfully is that the software is professional. How professional? Well, first, it aims to remove the forgotten password, so it won't take anything away from your locked computer but the password. Second, just a few minutes is taken. Third, only simple three steps is needed and what users need to do is a few mouse-clicking. It can be commonly-used by computer experts and even computer novices. Besides, it can be used for any other Windows OS, too. If you really want to use it to reset password, find an accessible computer and a blank CD/DVD or USB drive then get started.

If you really want to use it to recover Windows 7 password, find an accessible computer and a blank CD/DVD or USB drive then get started.

1. Download -> install -> run Anmosoft Windows Password Reset on accessible computer.

2. Insert the prepared blank CD/DVD or USB drive into the computer and burn a password reset disk.

how to reset Windows 7 password

3. Put the disk into locked computer. That will bring up a Windows password reset wizard. Follow it and a few mouse-clicking later, password will be successfully reset. Restart computer and log in Windows without blocks.

Windows 7 password reset

Want a most efficient Windows 7 password tool? Anmosoft Windows Password Reset is definitely one of them.

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