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Free to unlock Windows Server 2008 password

Jul 26, 2009/ Posted by Justin Garcia
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I would like to tell you how to free unlock Windows Server 2008 password, because sometimes God likes to play jokes with us. For example, we usually forget Windows Server 2008 password. We may go panic and crazy after we have tried time after time and we still cannot unlock our computers. We even want to break our computers into pieces.

Free Windows server 2008 password unlocker tool

Kon-Boot: Firstly, let's me show you a popular free Windows Server 2008 password unlocker tool for you named Kon-Boot which is widely used among computer users to reset forgotten Windows password. It is called one of the best tools that are very easy-to-use and probably the fastest one. When use it to reset password, you need to make a Windows password reset disk. So prepare a CD or DVD to insert into the computer and burn it into a bootable disk, then use it to reset password for the locked computer. But it is not perfect for too long password cannot be 100% successfully reset.

Anmosoft Windows Password Reset Ultimate: when failed to use free Windows password reset tool to do reset task, users can use Anmosoft Windows Password Reset to do that. To make it clear, it cannot unlock Windows Server 2008 password for free, but it definitely merit your trust for it is powerful, professional and highly appreciated Windows password recovery software. Among the four editions of this software, Anmosoft Windows Password Reset Ultimate is the most powerful one. Except for removing the forgotten Windows password, you also can change it into a new password (without knowing the old one), or even create a new admin account directly. Steps are:

windows password reset ultimate.

1. Download and install the software in another accessible computer.

2. Insert a CD/DVD or a USB drive in computer, and then you can burn a bootable Windows password reset disk in seconds.

3. Boot the locked computer from the burned disk, choose "remove the password" or "change the password" or "create an admin password" on the Windows password reset interface then you can remove, change the password or create an account.

Why you didn't choose Anmosoft Windows Password Reset as your preferred software to deal with this forgotten password problem at ease although it cannot get Windows Server 2008 password unlocker free.

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