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Free Windows 7 Password Reset Tool

To people who need to reset forgotten Windows password, I'd like to introduce two kinds of password recovery tools for you. One is a free Windows 7 password reset tool, the other one is more powerful Windows password recovery software. See what differences between them and how they reset password.

free windows 7 password

Ophcrack: it is one of the most popular free Windows password recovery tool so far. Many computer users have already used it to successfully reset password and proved that it works. With it, you don't need to access to Windows. Simply visit the site and download the free ISO image, burn it to a CD and make the locked computer boot from the CD and then Ophcrack starts and proceeds to get the Windows 7 password reset free. People use it to reset password because it is free but not for it is the most powerful. The program only can reset passwords that are less than 14 characters and it always fails to recover Windows password as its large ISO files. Besides, burning the ISO files to CD takes time.

Anmosoft Windows Password Reset: this is the name of the powerful password recovery software. I can't say it is the most popular but it does earn a high reputation among computer users who need to reset Windows password. It is more powerful because it can reset all passwords, no matter how long and complicated it is. And it can burn ISO files through CD, DVD or USB drive, but not just CD. Like USB drive is much more convenient for users to get. Besides, burning the ISO files to make a Windows password reset disk only takes a few minutes. And all these show Anmosoft Windows Password Reset is powerful. Of course, there are some other advantages, use it you would know. See how it reset password below:

1. Download and run the software on an accessible computer.

2. Put a blank CD/DVD or USB drive (prepared in advance) into the computer to make a password reset disk.

3. The key steps: insert the disk into the locked computer and make a few mouse-clicking on the pop-up interface, then you can make your forgotten password reset.

Well, which way do you prefer when you're in the trouble of password recovery for Windows 7?

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