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Features about Windows 7

Since Windows 7 has official published in Oct 22nd, 2009, it has been widely used for many laptops until now. It is a wonderful Windows operating system. If your laptops Windows are already out of date, come on, update your Windows system to Windows 7 to enjoy the great functions it brings to you.

OphcrackThere are 7 different editions of Windows 7: Windows 7 Express Edition, Windows 7 Home Basic Edition, Windows 7 Home Premium Edition, Windows 7 Professional Edition, Windows 7 Enterprise Edition, Windows 7 Ultimate Edition and Windows 7 Ballmer Signature Edition. Choose the suitable one according to your needs. Remember that the best one is the one fits with your computer configuration, not the most expensive one.

Many new advanced system features had been add to Windows 7:

Easy-to-use: some designs have been made to make Windows 7 easy to use, such as Maximize quickly, Half display window, Jump List, quick fix system fault and so on.

Quick: Windows 7 have greatly decreased start-up time that used for Windows. It takes less than 20 seconds to load system. It is much faster than 40 seconds that used for Windows Vista.

Simple: Windows 7 make search and instruction much easier. Search includes local search, network search and Internet search. It is more intuitive for users to experience.

Safe: Windows 7 have improved legality of safety and functions. Besides, it expands data protection and management to peripheral equipment. At the same time, Windows 7 have improved role-based numerical procedure and user account management and make connections between data protection and strong cooperation which have an inherent conflict.

Special effect: Windows 7 owns collision effect and water droplet effect. It is indeed more elegant than Windows Vista. Besides, it has various gadgets. Moreover, Windows 7 consume least resource. The battery power of the Windows 7 laptop can use much longer.

Gadget: Unlike Windows Vista, Windows 7 have no more side bar. So, gadgets can be placed everywhere in Windows instead of fastening to side bar.

Although Windows 7 is wonderful, resetting your forgotten Windows 7 password is troublesome. When it really comes to you and you still want to use Windows 7 freely, some methods should be found to figure out the problem.

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